civil aviation solutions - intelligent location service

A simple & easy means of tracking and presenting on a display the deployment of your radio subscriber fleet and emergency status in both indoor and outdoor locations.

  1. Scalable solution, from single PC workstation to multiple control room positions
  2. Multiple talk group handling, individual calls with audio playback and dispatch functions.
  3. Range of radio technologies through repeater direct links or off air decoders
  4. Powerful database functions for managing fleets and radio users
  5. Deferred and stored actions
  6. ARS/RRS and Registration services
  7. Status management with personal alarms, stun, revive, microphone open features
  8. GPS location services with Locator mapping option
  9. Indoor location services with management of beacons and receivers
  10. Full range of lone worker safety features and resource management
  11. Other radio technologies supported seamlessly
  12. Third party application interface