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Storage and Maintenance Methods of Radio Battery

  1. Overview

If your Li-ion batteries or Ni-MH batteries are stored a long time, it will continue to slowly discharge (self-discharge), resulting in its capacity decreased or enter "sleep" state, even leading to shorten battery life or damage. Therefore, do not deposit your battery for a long period, please maintain regular maintenance of your batteries. In general, if the radio batteries are not used more than 6 months, please check the charging and power status, decide whether to charge or dispose of your battery.

  1. Storage and maintenance methods of radio battery

Please charge your batteries before long term storage in order to prolong battery life. Li-ion battery needs charge more than 40% electricity, Ni-MH battery needs charge 80% electricity. Store them below 15℃are better. Here is an example of Ni-ion battery: 

Temperature Store under 40% electricity Store under 100% electricity
0 98% (after on year) 94% (after one year)
25 96% (after on year) 80% (after on year)
40 85% (after on year) 65% (after on year)
60 75% (after on year) 60 % (after on year)

To ensure that the battery capacity and life, you need do the regular charging operation, and take the necessary measures to restore its original capacity and best performance.

  1. How to operate

According to Hytera authorized reseller’s feedback and our survey results, long term storage and non- use of batteries are very common. That’s the reason some batteries’ stand-by time is short and some become invalid.

  • According to the self discharge status of Li-ion and Ni-MH batteries, please completely recharge the Ni-MH batteries every three months and recharge Ni-ion batteries every half year.
  • Please remove your batteries if you don’t use your radio for a time, and store them separately.
  • The best storage temperature of batteries is 5℃ to 20℃( 41℉ to 68℉). Please avoid sun exposure or rain during storage.
  • To make sure your batteries was used in a suitable, reasonable way. First battery into the slot first out.

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Machine Maintenance Tip

Tip one:How to maintenance the machine?

  1.  After long-term use the machine, the buttons, control knob and the shell will become dirty, please take down the control knob from the radio, and use the neutrality lotion(Do not use the intense caustic chemical medicament) and the wet cloth to clean the shell. Use such as alcohol, spray or oil-made chemical medicament may cause the damage to the shell of the radio.
  2. Gently take and put down the radio, do not hold the radio by antenna.
  3. When you are not using the accessories such as earpiece, please cover the dustproof lid.

Tip two:Notice about when using the radio antenna.

  1. You must use the Hytera's original or recognized antenna. Unrecognized, refitted or accessory-added antenna may cause damage to the radio, and will violate the regulations or laws.
  2. When using the radio, do not hold the antenna by hand.
  3. Do not screw down the radio antenna, or the power diode will be burned when transmitting.
  4. Do not use the damaged antenna. When transmitting, if the damaged antenna touches the skin, may cause slight burning to your skin.